Report Map

The map below displays markers to show where swimmer’s itch outbreaks have been reported. An outbreak, as we define it is when five or more swimmer’s itch reports have been received from the same lake in the same week.

Please note that these reports have been generated through the use of our online survey, found on the “Report Your Itch” tab.

Click on the marker you are interested in on the map below for further detailed information.

Simcoe Lake, Ontario: reported July 01 2018
Francis Lake, Ontario: reported June 30 2018
Wabamun Lake, Alberta: reported July 06 2018
Shadow Lake, Ontario: reported July 01 2018
Lac Courte Oreilles, Wisconsin (US): reported June 29 2018
Sand Bay At Lake Superior, Ontario: reported July 01 2018
Gull Lake, Ontario: reported June 01 2018
Sandy Lake, Alberta: reported June 24 2018
Buffalo Lake, Alberta: reported June 25 2018, June 23 2018, July 06 2018, July 03 2018, July 07 2018, and July 08 2018
Oromocto Lake, New Brunswick: reported July 03 2018
Powers Lake, Wisconsin (US): reported June 24 2018
Trestle Creek Golf Resort, Alberta: reported July 01 2018, July 06 2018, and July 07 2018
Burt Lake, Michigan (US): reported July 03 2018
Cedar Lake, Michigan (US): reported July 04 2018
Pigeon Lake, Alberta: reported July 07 2018

To view a list of lakes reported in 2018 and prior, but not experiencing a current outbreak, click here